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David R. ThayerWelcome to "Link Aware Information Services".

Our focus is on finding the latest information, and sharing it with you. We are reaching out to the SEO community to bring in the "experts" and allow them to share their knowledge and special offers with you.

In the meantime, we are searching the web to bring you relevant content specific to proper website development [where linking is concerned]. We are then sharing these articles with you [along with our commentary], providing you with additional resources - all without paying a dime!

We hope that you will find our website to be a valuable and somewhat complete resource for your website development needs now and for many years to come. Come grow with us and share your linking experiences that we all might benefit as a whole.

Your host,
David R. Thayer
TalkRite Communications, Keene, NH, USA

<<-- "Backlinks have many many years left in them", according to Google. This video also explains that Google is hoping to shift away from the present keyword model toward a more conversational search, and is now investing heavily toward that end. Keywords %sqs%as we know them%sqe% will become less valuable in providing search results when that happens. Conversational text may provide more clues, thereby replacing simple keyword clues - once again, changing the way SEO is done. Thanks, Google, for giving us all a "Heads Up" well in advance. Google is really trying to respect the SEO industry, by providing us all with advance notifications. At Link Aware - we appreciate this type of co-operation from Google, and we continue to encourage similar dialogue moving forward.[/pbuilder_text]

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The "Tabs" below provide some details about the corresponding subject matter, along with links to the website source pages where more information can be found, There are many talented SEO specialists, and we enjoy showcasing them here for you. Our hope is that by sharing this collective knowledge, that you may avoid the pitfalls of not doing enough, or doing too much, or doing the wrong things, when it comes to link building.

Proper Linking Principles: This section explains the primary principles of properly building links on your website. Articles include information about both internal and external linking concepts, methods, tactics, tools, and strategies. << Go to "Website Links" page. >>
All About Backlinks: What backlinks are and how to best utilize them. This section includes tips, tactics, strategies and pitfalls of backlinking practices, and focuses on "best" practices. << Go to "Backlinking Concepts" page. >>
Social Media Linking: What you need to know about social media. This section is about what linking practices you should employ, along with which ones to avoid. << Go to "Social Media Linking" page. >>
Directory Linking: What directory links (listings) are, why they are useful, and what you should know about them. << Go to "Directory Linking" page. >>
Review Site Linking: What review sites are, how they help you – and hurt you, and what you should (and shouldn’t) do with them. << Go to "Review Site Linking" page. >>
Proper SEO Practices And Principles: What Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is, and the principles of building proper website links as it applies to proper SEO practices. << Go to "SEO Awareness" page. >>
Linking To Authority Sites: What authority sites are, who they are, and how to best utilize them for building your own popularity and clout. << Go to "Authority Site Linking" page. >>